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1) My credit is not so good, are there auto loans for people in my situation?
2) I don't have a large down payment, is it possible to be approved with little down?
3) If my credit is bad, does that me I will only be approved for autos that may not be dependable or are in need of repairs?
4) If I am a first time buyer, is a co-signer necessary?
5) In what state(s) do you offer auto loans online?
6) What is it going to cost to apply online?
7) How long will it be before a lender will contact me?
8) Can I get approved for auto loans if I want to purchase an auto from an individual?
9) Can I just apply for auto loans by phone?


1) Of course, it is possible to be approved for auto loans without good credit. Many special financing programs are geared to helping people who have less than perfect credit.
2) It is not necessary to have a large down payment for auto loans. Depending on the type of automobile you wish to purchase and your current financial situation, a down payment may not even be a requirement.
3) Just because you have bad credit does not mean that you will be on the road in an unreliable or unsafe vehicle.
4) A co-signer may be necessary in some cases, but not all. If you have a stable income, it is probably not going to be an issue.
5) Auto loans are available Nationwide, including Alaska and Hawaii.
6) There is absolute no charge to you for applying for auto loans online.
7) Usually a lender will contact you within hours. Be sure to give correct contact information, so that you can be reached with 24 hours.
8) At this time, auto loans can not be approved if you are purchasing from an individual. You may want to check on getting a personal loan if you are intending to do this.

9) Due to privacy concerns, you will need to apply via the auto loans application. We cannot accept phone applications.


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